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Iphone 7 is coming
2016-10-14 11:09:22

"It’s the best iPhone we have ever created, this is iPhone7."

And with that Apple CEO Tim Cook answered the question IPhone enthusiasts have been asking, what exactly will Apple put in the box with the new iPhone 7? People who use wired headphones will plug them into Apple’s lightning connector, which makes room for other components, and apple will be promoting wireless earphones, which it’s calling Airpods.

Technalysis Research Chief Analyst Bob O’Donnell says consumers will get used to it.

"Some people going to be angry about losing the headphone jack because they’ve invested in very high quality headphones…a lot of people will get over it, a lot of people will use stock earpods, and my understanding is they’ll use the standard headpods which will plug into the lighting jack."

The iPhone also has a souped-up camera and the iPhone 7 plus will feature two cameras with a choice of focal lengths.

The other big announcement, Apple Watch Series 2 with some enhancements for people who love to exercise GPS so you can figure out where you are and where you’re going when you’re out on a run and for swimmers, the new Apple watch will be waterproof.

There are lots of new apps for the watch.

John Hanker from Niantic Labs who developed Pokémon Go is excited about one app in particular.

"It’s designed to seamlessly blend Pokémon Go game play with your daily walk or run while enabling you to focus on what’s important – all the cool stuff around you. "

Apple says in just 18 months Apple watch has become the 2nd top selling watch in the world, and in ten years, Apple has sold more than a billion iPhones.

Tech analyst Bob O’Donnell says the Apple is hoping its new products will appeal especially to Asian consumers.

"The Asian market is incredibly important for Apple. Apple has talked about how much they expect China in particular to account for a much larger percentage of its revenue over time. But the bottom line is Apple is doing things to make sure Asia is relevant, spending a lot of money on marketing, they want to keep that brand up and as the company continues to build its range of products going to view china as critical part of their success strategy and Asia in general as they move forward."

It’s too early to tell just how the marketing strategy is working for this latest batch of Apple products. It’s a safe bet the company is already working on something to make a big splash this time next year, when the iPhone turns 10 years old.

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